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Property Address: 227 Lakeshore Ave., Dover, ID 83825. (Note, this is NOT our mailing address. See "Contact Us" for mailings.)

Google Map and Directions:

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Custom Maps and Directions to 227 Lakeshore Ave., Dover Idaho 83825:

We are 3 Miles (5 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bike path) South/West of Sandpoint, just off Hwy 2 at the Dover bridge, in Original Dover.
Property Address: 227 Lakeshore Ave., Dover, ID 83825. (Note, this is NOT our mailing address. See "Contact Us" for mailings.)

Driving Directions: (Refer to Accompaning Maps Below.)

  1. From Spokane Airport – Hwy 90 – East across Washington to Idaho, exit “EXIT #12”. (about an hour).
  2. Hwy 95 North to Sandpoint. (about 45 minutes)
  3. As you cross the “Long Bridge” get ready for the “Sandpoint Exit” just before the end of the bridge on your right.
  4. To get from the Sandpoint Exit to Hwy 2, you’ll need to make a right, 2 lefts, and another right (a large backward “C.”)
  5. If you follow the main flow of the Sandpoint Exit traffic, you will end up going North on 1st St.
  6. After several blocks, EVERYTHING turns left when 1st St. hits Cedar St.
  7. Turn Left/West on Cedar St.
  8. Take Cedar St. 4 blocks to 5th St. – make a Left/South on 5th St.
  9. Go about 4 blocks until you hit the “T” intersection. Turn Right/West on Hwy 2 (Hwy 2 overlaps a section of Pine St. for 1 or 2 blocks then veers S/W away from Pine, follow the traffic and you'll stay on Hwy 2.)
  10. Go West (S/W) on Hwy 2 to Dover. (about 5 minutes)
  11. At the very base of the large 4 lane Bridge, turn Left/South onto Roosevelt (formally: Old HWY #2). (Go about 100’).
  12. Turn Left/South on 3rd St., cont. South one very long block.
  13. 3rd St. "T's" into Jackson. Turn Left/East on Jackson.
  14. Jackson turns into Lakeshore Ave. Continue straight/East on Lakeshore Ave. Do NOT take Lakeshore Ave. Right/South.
  15. Lakeshore Ave. will curve Left/North after about 100 yards. The block-long grey stone and wood wall you see on your right is 227 Lakeshore Ave. Go mid-block to the Large Red Iron Gates and turn in (Right/East).
  16. Welcome, you've arrived at:!

Overall Map from Sandpoint to Dover:

The following map is the "Scenic Route." It matches the above verbal directions up until turning Left/South on 3rd St. in Dover. (It's a long story; just ask if you want to hear it.)

Map - Sandpoint to Dover

Detail Map of Sandpoint:

Map Detail of Sandpoint

Detail Map of Dover:

The following map is a detail of the "Scenic Route."

Map-Detail of Dover